We are 1Community Network

We have a believe in africa that we are all ONE and as we come to think of it we are all connected. The Problem of one is normally the problem of all. In 1Community we believe in Loving our Neighbour like ourselves. So what affects one affects all. To this end we are setting up our one community hubs in Local Communities to teach, train, motivate and implement local community projects in rural communities. Our focus is the appreciation and application of science and technology to solve problem and improve live for people in local communities.

Technology is as good as what we do with it. We hope to demystify technology and to help rural community to adopt and use technology to improve life and livelihood

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that ultimately do.”

Can we count on you?

Our Team

Kaycee Akubeze

Kaycee Akubeze

Kaycee is from Oguta in Imo State. He is a royal prince from Umudei village in Oguta. He was born in Owerri , Imo State. His family moved to Jos, Plateau state where he was raised. Due to his passion and love for music, He founded Kaycee Records in 2010 with just one thing in mind: to give a voice and platform to those young and gifted musical talents that are financially underprivileged to unveil their hidden talents. Mr. Kaycee did not stop with the label alone. In 2020, he launched Afro10mentz another entertainment platform for those young and gifted talents in the areas of comedy, acting and media services . Education: Kaycee attended Priscilla Memorial grammer School, Oguta. He also got his BSc in management at Plymouth University London, MSc in psychology Birkbeck university London. Kaycee believes that if he can try to be who he is today , everyone should be given a chance to try. Kaycee is the President and founder of Afro10mentz and Kaycee Records. Kaycee’s own Quote: Life is not how we live or things that we do. Live is that thing that we do to impact on live itself.